PROCON Canada is committed to meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations.

PROCON Canada 2000 Inc. was founded by Mike Riolo in 1996 under the name Produce Concepts in Cambridge, Ontario. In 1998, the company moved to Guelph, Ontario, where it has flourished over the past several years. The company is a medium-sized Natural and Organic shelf-stable food importing and distribution operation.

In 2000, the company was incorporated and the name changed to PROCON Canada 2000 Inc. The line that helped Mike break into the importing and distribution industry was Apple Chips. Since then over 250 different sku's have been added to the PROCON Canada 2000 Inc. line-up and all do exceptionally well. The company is ever evolving and becoming a tremendous success. Mike prides himself on hard work, dedication and an excellent team of people.

The goal of PROCON Canada 2000 Inc. is to be a one-stop-shop for customers and suppliers.

With hassle free service, PROCON Canada 2000 Inc. will take care of freight, customs, distribution, warehousing, marketing and everything in between. PROCON Canada 2000 Inc. also offers warehousing options at their Guelph, Ontario location.

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